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What is Mydalefc?

Early designs of the un-official Woking Community Stadium - Possible future home of Dale FC

Mydalefc is the hub of the fans of Dale Football Club, a football team in progress, which plans to form a new Woking based football club. Mydalefc will have all news relating to Dale Football Club and will eventually include a shop and also allow playing members of Dale FC privileges, including decision making before and after the clubs founding and the money given to be a payed member of Mydalefc will be put towards the fund, currently unset, for the clubs early budget.


Until its registering with the Surrey County Football Association the fans of the future Dale Football Club will assist the clubs founders and owners with aspects of the club, including, where to have its first ground share and away kit colours. But the fans will continue to assist the club with how to spend allocated fan, charity and community funds after the club begins its first season and beyond.

Mydalefc website started


Mydalefc website is set up as part of the early process to establishing Dale Football Club, the fan assisted project is aiming to start a new Woking based football club

Woking Community Stadium


To be updated soon...

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